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By booking an appt you agree to the following:

Terms and Conditions

Total duration of each massage session includes consultation time and client preparation. 

Sessions of customers who are running late will be shortened accordingly to the amount of their lateness unless the therapist can accommodate full time treatment which will depend on their rota on the specific day. No partial refund will be offered for shorter sessions as it is customer's responsibility to be punctual and Pure Body Therapies cannot incur any expenses in such cases. 

Customers who are running late more than 20 mins may be refused the service booked with no option to extend, reschedule or refund if they don't notify Pure Body Therapies by phone about their lateness before starting time of their session. This policy prevents blocking the business form running efficient services and protects other customers from any inconvenience caused by delays.

Once particular type and duration of the service chosen is booked and prepaid, it can be changed to cheaper option and / or shortened upon client's request at any time, however no partial refund will be offered.  

Pure Body Therapies reserves the right to refuse to offer a treatment or end any treatment at any time whenever any of our staff members feels threatened and/or disrespected by a customer's language and/or behaviour and no refund will be offered.

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