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When should I not book a massage? List of contraindications.

Massage therapy is generally safe and beneficial for most people but there are some situations in which massage may not be recommended or may require modifications. These are known as massage contraindications and they include:

1. Fever: Massage can increase circulation and body temperature, which may exacerbate fever symptoms. 2. Acute inflammation: Massage can increase circulation and may exacerbate acute inflammation or injuries. 3. Contagious illness: Massage can spread contagious illnesses, such as the flu or a cold, to the therapist or other clients. 4. Open wounds or skin conditions: Massage can irritate or worsen open wounds or skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. 5. Blood clots or bleeding disorders: Massage can increase circulation and may dislodge blood clots or worsen bleeding disorders. 6. Recent surgery or injury: Massage can interfere with the healing process of recent surgeries or injuries, and may require modifications or clearance from a healthcare provider. 7. Pregnancy: Specialized prenatal massage is generally safe and beneficial during pregnancy, but certain areas and techniques may need to be avoided or modified.

It is important to discuss any health concerns or medical conditions with your massage therapist before the session, so that they can customize the treatment to your individual needs and goals. If you are unsure whether massage is safe for you, or if you are experiencing any symptoms or discomfort during the massage, it is important to inform your therapist and seek advice from a healthcare provider.


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